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 In the five-part Certificate in Virtual Reality Production, Our team, led by Derrick Spiva, CEEDTV VR Artistic Director, Russell Leavitt, CTO CEEDTV VR, and Al Caudullo producer VR/ AR Specialist & Storyteller at The 360VR Voice TV,  share insights on current practices and future trends in VR. Learn the insider tips and best practices you’ll need to perform in, direct, and produce compelling narratives in this exciting new medium.*

IMMERSIVE STORYTELLING – Learn the foundations of storytelling in virtual reality, including an overview of the story production process from start to finish.

​VR PRODUCTION: PRE PRODUCTION– Known as Pre-Production, you will learn how to select the right types of stories for VR and how to begin the story-building process from both editorial and technical standpoints.

360 PRODUCTION – Learn how CEEDTV VR, Desert Sounds Studio, and 360VR Voice TV sets up the audio and visual equipment of a production, and hear behind-the-scenes stories about producing several VR stories. Performance experts will contribute basic information on 360 techniques for acting, directing, and music/ sound for a VR & AR environment.

PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER – The Post Production process of moving from captured 360 footage, to crafting an engaging narrative will be shown by example using the latest NLE editing systems to bring your story to immersive headsets everywhere.

MENTORSHIP PROGRAM-The One-on-One Mentorship sessions allow us to focus on a specific production technique or workflow, gain professional industry insider knowledge, or simply put the finishing touches on your virtual reality or augmented reality production. This time is all about assisting you in reaching your production quality goals.



Sign up for all five certificate courses:  $970.00 total

Regular price $1,750

(price does not include mentorship)


*To successfully complete the courses, it is recommended that you have a stable Internet connection, a mobile device, an audio headset, and a VR headset to experience VR fully. VR headsets range in price from mobile devices that attach to your phone such as the Gear VR,  to more expensive sets such as the Oculus Quest, or HTC Vive Cosmos Search for virtual reality headsets online to see the latest options for view. 

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