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Interviews, conversations, and roundtable discussions

on a variety of relevant, interesting, and entertaining topics.

As the old saying goes, "if these walls could talk", surely the dive bars, all night diners and warehouses across the country would be lined with the ideas of creative people. Along with crafting something from nothing, the best part of being a creative person is the conversation with your colleagues. The freedom to share ideas and our processes. To drive home in the wee hours of the morning feeling totally enlightened or having your sides split from laughter. The show has been happening for years except now, we’ve hooked up the cameras and microphones.


The spirit of this podcast is to bring these conversations to you, the listener. To gain an insight into the unique psyche of each guest. The primary focus will be on music but anyone working in a creative medium is eligible.  We want to create an environment where an unfiltered, uncensored and unrestrained dialogue can blossom. Topics could range widely between in-depth questions on how/why someone creates their work, what ideas sound and feel like per individual, tour stories, current topics or anything that may come up in the moment. 

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Jesse Davidson


 Davey Sipes

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Filmed and Recorded at

Desert Sounds Studio