(a Virtual Reality Production)

co-written by craig tappa and william schwartzbaugh

directed by craig tappa

A heart-warming tale about finding miracles in unexpected places.  

President Randall Thornton has reached a crossroads in his life as he faces his own deep-seated  inner struggles,

while at the same time his Administration is poised to implode before his very eyes.  

Unbeknownst to him, however, there is a new and unique advisor waiting in the wings to offer special counsel.  


Randall Thornton, President of the United States: Bill Swartzbaugh

Sophia, Chaperone Angel: Yesenia Contreras

Angelina, Child Angel:  Daylyn Alaysia


Tracy Swanson, President’s Secretary: Joan Williamson

William Crawford, Secretary of State: Rick Cull 

Lawrence Graham, National Security Advisor James "Corky" Thompson


General Morgan, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff: Craig Tappa 

Kathie Gibbs, Director of Communications: Brittney Pettus

Heidi Thornton, The First Lady: Lyndsay Smith

Maggie Clark, Reporter, White House Press Corp: Rebecca Laird 

Mickey, White House Groundskeeper: Luke Pohl 

House Speaker, Speaker of the House (V.O.): Craig Tappa

Miss Crenshaw, School Teacher: Callie Hammond 

Patricia, Thornton’s Deceased Daughter: Me'ami Dugais


School Children:  Daylyn Alaysia, Lucas Lea, Sa'ryah Walker


Callie Hammond