Produced in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Written by : Dr. Elizabeth Taylor

Directed and Choreographed By:

Dr. Derrick Spiva 

Stage Manager:  Callie Hammond


Produced by:  CEEDTV VR       


Show Dates:

April 28, 2021 through May 9, 2021


VR Streaming Release:

June 1, 2021



Facebook VR

YouTube VR




Aunt Aadab: 40-60 Female.  Wise, fun loving and nurturing Saudi or Middle Eastern.  Aisha’s sister and Ishta’s aunt - strong singing voice

Abeebee: 20 - 40 Male. Ship's Crew Member. Middle Eastern, Arab

Hatchet: 20-40 Male. Ship's Crew Member. Middle Eastern, Arab

Ishta: 25-35 Female. Ships First Officer Saudi or  Arab- strong singing voice

Mohammad: 40-60 Male. Ishta’s Father Saudi or Arab

Aisha: 40-60 Female.  Ishta’s mother Saudi or Arab

Tasha: 40-60 Female.  Mohommad’s sister and Ishta’s Aunt

Knowing: 25-45 Male.  Deaf comedian with strong sign language skills

Wisdy: 25-45  Female. Hearing or Deaf but strong sign language skills

Wilson: 20-40 Male. Good comic timing. Ship's navigator

Purpo: 18-30  Male. Young ship's show cast member-strong dancer

Ta’or: 18-25  Female. Young ship's show cast member- obsessed with beauty

Loci: 18-25   Male.  Young ship's show cast member-strong dancer

Wolly: 18-30 Male or Female. Show tech specialist

Yew: 18-25 Female. Young ship's show cast member-strong singing voice

Log: 18-25  Male.  Young ship's show cast member-strong dancer, strong singing voice

Based on the life changing book, Formula 9

by Dr. Elizabeth Taylor, the musical takes place on the cruise ship “The Journey”. The diverse and eclectic cast of the ships show “The Millennials’, bridge crew and passengers  are engrossed in a high pitched struggle to meet multiple life changing storms, rocky relationships all the while striving to make sense of their ever changing life experience.


Zoom Auditions by appointment.

Please fill out an application and submit a resume, photo and reel (if available)


Applications due by Dec. 1st, 2020.


Rehearsals begin Jan. 2021.


Performances will be April 29 through May 9.


For more info:

  contact Derrick Spiva at