Derrick Spiva

Director of All Things

Great and Small

(and everything in-between)

Russell Leavitt

Virtual Reality Guru

(the man behind the goggles who makes the magic happen)


Dina Taylor

Co-Owner of The Showcase, AMPED, and Desert Sounds Studio.

 (the spreader of well-wishes,

and champion of the ARTS)

Bob Taylor

Co-Owner of The Showcase, AMPED, and Desert Sounds Studio.

(player of banjo, builder of stuff, and fixer of things)

Dr. Elizabeth Taylor

Owner of the non-profit

Wisdom to Go,

(and playing the role of our funding Fairy Godmother)

Al Caudullo

The Showcase V.R., A.R., 360* Technical Advisor

(assisting and supporting us

from far, far away in Thailand)

Allie Rios

The Showcase Vocal Coach, 

Songwriter, and Photographer

(Don't ask about her obsession with cats).

Max Taylor

Co-Owner of The Showcase, AMPED, and Desert Sounds Studio.  Lead Sound Engineer, Musician, and Composer 

(the guy you ask every question even if he doesn't know the answer)

Miriam Smith

The Showcase Internship Advisor and legal wizard

(keeping us out of trouble with the Copyright enforcers)

Callie hammond

The Showcase Stage Manager

(keeping productions running smoothly.  She walks softly and carries a big stick)

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