PHASE 1:  Framing the 26'x15'x11' Green Screen Cyclorama

Preparing the build
Strand wood sub floor
Cutting 2x4 studs for the walls
Douglas fir prime
Creating the walls
The back wall
It takes a villiage
The studs for the side walls
Little helper
Side walls up!
rounded corners for smooth shooting
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PHASE 2:  Rigging the Lighting

Getting ready to light it up!
Step 1. Install Rig for lighting.
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PHASE 4:  Making it Green

Checking out the space for continuity of color
Second coat
Tech Guru Russell checking the angles for filming tomorrow!
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PHASE 6:  Keying in the Background Elements for VR Viewing

PHASE 3:  Wood Lining

PHASE 5:  First Shoot