eric doyle.png

Eric has over 20 years of tech marketing and PR experience.

Most recently as Senior Vice President of Spark’s blockchain practice,

he led the agency’s most profitable group in his first year.

He’s worked for many leading blockchain and crypto startups

like Abra, Civic, Kik, Curv, Autonomy, and Cindicator among others.

He’s spoken at and designed speaker sessions for Consensus, BlockCon,

and The North American Bitcoin Conference among others.

He led Netflix’s first, record-breaking U.S. Latino PR campaign

and designed and executed high-profile campaigns for startups Caviar and Embark, resulting in their acquisitions by Square and Apple, respectively.

Other leading brands Eric has advised include Bluesmart, Best Buy, Panasonic, Seagate, Verizon, HP, StarMedia and Silicon Valley legend

and former Cisco CEO, Judy Estrin.

Fluent in Spanish, Eric served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama.


He is also a standup comedian.