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Felix Mayerhofer, from Port Chester, N.Y., grew up fast when he went from

Juilliard School of Music in New York City as an innocent teenager

to the professional "dog eat dog" world of big bands.


Explore the exciting life of a big band musician in part one, "A Musical Family".

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Featuring music by Big Band, Pandemonyum Noyz.

Allison Rios singing "Christmas Makes me Cry"

 An original, must-see theater production of "Miracle"

written and directed by Callie Hammond.


 Improvisational sketch comedy by Zebra Improv.

The Showcase Ensemble directed by Ceron Jones.



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 virtual reality productions


Co-Written by Craig Tappa

and William Schwartzbaugh

This production is a heart-warming tale about finding miracles in

unexpected places.  


President Randall Thornton has reached a crossroads in his life as he faces

his own deep-seated inner 
struggles, while at the same time

his Administration is poised to

implode before his very eyes.  


Unbeknownst to him, however,

there is a new and unique advisor

waiting in the wings

to offer special counsel.  



Written by : Dr. Elizabeth Taylor

Directed and Choreographed By:

Dr. Derrick Spiva 

Stage Manager:  Callie Hammond


Produced by:  CEEDTV VR       


Based on the life changing book,
Formula 9 by Dr. Elizabeth Taylor,
the musical takes place on the
cruise ship “The Journey”.
The diverse and eclectic cast
of the ships show “The Millennials’,
bridge crew and passengers  are engrossed in a high pitched struggle
to meet multiple life changing storms, rocky relationships all the while
striving to make sense of their ever changing life experience.


Show Dates:

April 28, 2021 through May 9, 2021


VR Streaming Release:

June 1, 2021


Enjoy live, unscripted comedy at it's finest!

The sketches that are performed are

unplanned, and are created spontaneously

and collaboratively by the

performers in Zebra Improv,

with content generated by YOU

(the audience).

Written and Directed by Craig Tappa

Full Length Musical


An Angel in Heaven named Quirky is denied promotion

by the Angelic Council on a technicality.


Along with Quirky’s young sidekick named Doink, they come down to Earth to retain an attorney to sue the Council,

because, as you know, there are not a lot of
lawyers in Heaven...


During the trial, Quirky’s lawyer calls famous people

from history, to testify about the “spirit” of the law vs.
the “letter” of the law.

Even God “herself” is call to the stand.


Will the jury, who is made up of gospel singers,

make the right decision?

streaming now in 2D

Interviews/conversations and roundtable discussions  on a variety of relevant, interesting,

and entertaining topics.